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FireForge Games is looking for a Customer Service Lead to join our team and help grow our company. This is a management position, where you will grow & lead the customer services team for the Asia-Pacific region.

Customer Service is the face of FireForge. You will manage the communications between FireForge and the public in both directions. You will be the voice of FireForge externally and the voice of our customers internally. This role entails experience in customer service and public relations and an understanding of content creation and content localization. Working closely with the business and product teams, you will also acquire hands-on experience and knowledge about many of the skills and procedures that make up the publishing cycle of an online game.


About FireForge

FireForge is a well-funded fully independent developer and global publisher of online games founded by veterans drawn from some of the most prestigious studios and teams in the world. We have studios in Singapore, in Irvine, California and in Boston, Massachusetts.

Our leadership team comprises top talent with more than twenty years of industry experience each in making the games we love to play, such as Command & Conquer, Baldur’s Gate, Rift, Diablo II and World of Warcraft. Our CEO is Mr. Tim Campbell, the Lead Campaign Designer for Warcraft III. Our Chief Creative Officer is Mr. Kevin Beardslee, the Lead Animator for World of Warcraft. Joining us, you will have a chance to work closely with them and others of similar calibre.

We are sharply focused on playability above all else and our design philosophy is simple: We blend great core game experiences with an incredible amount of accessibility in order to reach truly massive audiences. These include both core gamers like ourselves and an emerging generation of new players in the Asian and Western markets.

We do not currently have a web presence as our global launch has not been announced yet.


Roles & Responsibilities – What Will I Be Doing?

As the manager of the Customer Service team, you are required to be people-oriented, be creative, be organized, be empathic, possess good leadership skills and have professional work ethics.

• Hire and manage a team of motivated customer support staff who can deliver top customer service to customers.
• Work with the platform development team to source, implement and customize a social CRM system to be integrated with the company’s products and operations.
• Establish and manage a tiered customer response system, such as an FAQ, a knowledge base, in-game queries, ticketed customer support, queries through e-mail queries and queries through social media channels.
• Manage the smooth transfer of information to the appropriate departments for timely resolution. For instance, bugs would be piped to the quality assurance department, gameplay feedback & ideas to the game designers and so forth.
• Employ analytics and other measurement tools for analysis to identify issues, patterns and trends in customer requests and product performance. Continually improve on these metrics through testing and new initiatives. Provide feedback and insight to the development team on the type of metrics needed.

Requirements – What Skills Do I Need?


• Degree or Diploma preferred.
• Very familiar with Customer Response Systems and Customer Relationship Management Systems, including both their use and their design.
• Familiar with using social media to extend customer support.
• Familiar with Microsoft Project or equivalent software for project management.
• Familiar with online accounts management, such as account creation, login, logout, email verification and providing support for these activities.
• Familiar with billing functions, such as payment methods, payment processes, refunds, chargebacks and providing support for these activities.
• Experienced in managing & leading a large team.
• Strong people skills.
• Ability to multitask and work under pressure.
• Good problem solving skills.
• Excellent writing skills.
• Strong organizational and communication skills.
• Passionate about joining the games industry.
• Able to read Chinese and communicate in Mandarin.


• Experienced in public relations.
• Familiar with various genres of gameplay and able to communicate with gamers in gaming lingo.

Outperformance – What Would My Teammates See if I’m Very Successful?

A number of immediate benefits arise when you excel in this role:

• FireForge will have a strong & positive brand identity with both partners and customers.
• Our gamers will feel valued, leading to high customer retention levels that in turn translate to a larger customer base and greater potential revenue.
• The high quality of engagement and feedback from our gamers allows our games designers to design games that are even more fun and polished. This also increases the value of FireForge’s brand and reputation.

Application Process – How Do I Apply?

If you’re interested to join us, please send the following documents to by 25 November 2013. Please do not call or drop-in, as we only accept emailed applications.

• Cover Letter (with the Role you are applying for in the subject line)
• Resume
• References & Testimonials
• Samples of Previous Work that Support your Application (for example, portfolio or programming code or analysis or writing)
• Expected Salary
• Earliest Start Date

Shortlisted candidates will be required to attend at least one interview in Singapore and may be required to perform a short task or test relevant to the role they are interested in.

"We regret that only shortlisted candidates will be notified."

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Type of Employment :
Minimum Experience :
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